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Public Perceptions Of Climate Change Impact On Scottish Private Water Resources


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S. N. Egyir, C. Brown, S. Arthur


Climate change is expected to alter precipitation patterns in the UK despite the perception that it rains a lot and there are abundant water resources in Scotland. These water resources are under immense pressure and there is the need to adapt to water-related changes by ensuring reliable water supply to households whilst protecting the natural environment. This study was aimed to explore the feasibility of a water neutral development in some selected Private Water Supply (PWS) users in Scotland by understanding people’s perceptions on climate change and its perceived effects on their source of water supply. Questionnaires were administered randomly to households in three local authorities (Aberdeenshire, the Scottish Borders and the Highlands) who had the highest users of PWS to address the research aims; awareness of climate change and its perceived effects on PWS source and the attitude towards climate change actions for a water neutral development concept. The expectant response rate was targeted at 20% for all three study areas. The response rate for the Highlands, the Scottish Borders and Aberdeenshire were 27%, 26% and 19% respectively, with the latter being marginally below target. The majority of participants (86%) were aware of climate change, but did not believe climate change was occurring, and if it was, it had been beneficial to them and cannot affect their source of PWS. Most participants (86%) related climate change to government and private companies’ agenda to develop complex policies, but were willing to reduce its impact if only it will affect their own source of PWS.


climate change, private water supply, water neutral, public perceptions, water, Scotland