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Optimal Allocation Of Fuel And Energy Resources In The Complex Blast-furnace Plants


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N. Spirin, V. Lavrov, L. Lazic, I. Gurin, A. Istomin


The paper presents the model of optimal allocation of power resources in a blast furnace taking into account the change of smelting parameters. The optimization model allows to predict parameters of injected fuel on separate (at individual, in certain) blast furnaces in various technological situations. At problem formulation and task solution, the model considers the static characteristics describing the influence of changes of melting conditions on overall economic indicators of furnaces, the mathematical description external and internal limitations on operation of some blast furnaces and blast-furnace plant generally. Informational-modelling system optimization of allocation of natural gas in a blast-furnace plant was developed on the presented model. This model includes: input and adjustment of data; calculation module; optimization; output and the assaying of results. The results of comparative assaying of allocation of natural gas on the basis of operation data of the blast-furnace plant of OJSC “Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works” are achieved. Analysis of the results shows that the optimization model of joint distribution of natural gas and oxygen allows to use effectively the available fuel and energy resources, taking account the technological limitations in the work of individual furnaces as well as a plant in general.


blast furnace production, optimization, mathematical modeling, distribution of energy resources, melting parameters