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A Systematic Method Of Countermeasure For Environmental Conservation To Harmonize Hydro-power Development With Natural Environments


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T. Komatsu, Y. Yasuda


This paper presents a systematic method of countermeasure for environmental conservation to harmonize natural environments with hydro-power development based on two hydro-power construction in which Komatsu conducted directly as a project management in Japan.

Since the 1990s, Sustainable Development was required in United Nation Conference on Environment and Development (the Earth Summit) as a commitment.

In the construction of Okinawa pilot seawater pumped-storage power plant, and expanding construction for Okutadami and Otori hydro-power developments, project areas were located in biodiversity such as where precious endangered animals and birds have inhabited. Therefore, various countermeasures for environmental conservation in natural environments were proposed in order to harmonize construction of hydro-power development with natural environments. The proposed managements were systematically conducted by integrating the following measures:

• Basic-countermeasure: design and countermeasure of preventive conservation for precious animals before the construction;

• Countermeasure for hardware activities: field investigation for analyzing natural phenomenon, application of adaptive management in consideration of the conservation for precious animals, replanting in modified grounds based on natural resilience;

• Countermeasure for software activities: communication with the persons concerned in project, educational activities for the construction workers, daily patrols for environmental conservation;

• Eco-site monitoring: monitoring for precious understanding of the circumstances in construction area.


hydro-power development, biodiversity, coexistence with nature, natural environmental conservation measure, resilience, adaptive management