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Simulation And Calculations Of Processing And Transportation Of Hydrocarbon Streams In Spreadsheets


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O. A. Omelchenko, D. A. Rychkov, V. V. Prytkov, D. E. Ukraintseva, A. G. Kasperovich & M. V. Ovsyankin


Modern software packages for simulation of technological processing and transportation of hydrocarbon streams are generally not well suited for use by non-trained professionals due to their high functional content, complexity and high cost of operation. In response to engineering community needs, the authors developed their Microsoft Excel based tools for modeling technological processes and performing stand-alone calculations of component-fractional composition, physical and chemical properties, matter and component processing balances, as well as modeling thermal and hydraulic regimes of transport of hydrocarbon condensate streams in oil and gas fields. Model development and calculations in the package are implemented in the form of user-defined functions and functional procedures (macro-procedures). The number crunching procedures are programmed in CodeGear Delphi and compiled as a DLL library. The functionality of this library and macro-procedures in the Microsoft Excel environment is achieved via add-on files. The underlying computational model is based on known thermodynamic laws and correlations and the authors’ original methods. In particular, rectification is simulated via a sigma-function, which generally characterizes the efficiency of mass transfer. The proposed tools are not intended to replace more sophisticated thermodynamic simulations but rather provide sufficient functionality and accuracy of calculations together with a short learning curve to a broad range of professionals familiar with the Microsoft Office environment. Keywords: simulation of technological processing and transportation of hydrocarbon streams, software packages for simulation.


simulation of technological processing and transportation ofhydrocarbon streams, software packages for simulation.