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The Solution To Strategic Problems In The Oil Refining Industry As A Factor For The Sustainable Development Of Automobile Transport


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E. Magaril


The solution to strategic problems in the oil refining industry as a factor for the sustainable development of automobile transport E. Magaril Department of Environmental Economics, Ural Federal University, Russia Abstract The oil refining industry in Russia produces poor quality motor fuels that meet neither the standards of developed countries nor the needs of a rapidly growing domestic vehicle fleet. The aim of this work is to substantiate the optimal direction for reforms to modernize the Russian oil industry, which will then enable it to achieve in a timely manner the necessary changes to the quality of motor fuel that will improve both the energy efficiency and environmental safety of motor vehicles. The prospective requirements for fuel quality in Russia were formulated based on analytical investigation. The necessity to change the ratio between reforming and isomerization capacities to improve fuel properties is herein demonstrated. The proposed scheme for highly efficient residueless oil refining will give a motor fuel yield of approximately 85% with inherent high environmental and operational characteristics. The optimal direction for the rapid improvement of the quality of motor fuels through the use of the developed multifunctional fuel additive in trace amounts is proposed. Keywords: fuel quality, isomerization capacity, residueless oil refining, multifunctional additive.


fuel quality, isomerization capacity, residueless oil refining, multifunctional additive.