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Thermal Preparation Of The Trailbuilder Fluid Drive


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V. Konev, Sh. Merdanov, M. Karnaukhov & D. Borodin


The majority of the failures of trailbuilder hydraulic systems operating in the north are connected with the influence of low negative temperatures. Therefore there is a need to apply a prelaunch thermal preparation by means of the fluid drive. The requirement of power consumption minimization on the thermal preparation of the fluid drive is especially topical during independent operation of machines in conditions of low negative temperatures far from mechanization bases where there are no constant sources of thermal and electric energy, or warm rooms. Nearly all earlier systems of thermal preparation of the fluid drive involve the heating of oil which is in a hydraulic tank and the hydraulic line, moving in a small circle. Thus hydraulic engines do not stay heated-up and the oil, which is inside, is solidified, which considerably complicates the start of motion of the mobile elements in the sealing areas. It is necessary to reduce the degree of loading at the time of the first hydraulic engine start-up so reducing the intensity of wear and prolonging the service life of elements of the fluid drive. In order to study the hydraulic components at low temperatures in the Tyumen State Oil and Gas University in the Department of Transportation and Technological Systems under the leadership of Professor Sh. Merdanov, an experimental installation of the thermal preparation of hydraulic elements was developed. The research facility allows for all planned studies involving measurement of the static and dynamic characteristics of the hydraulic drive. The effect of the implementation of the proposed development is achieved by reducing fuel consumption by heating the hydraulic system, resulting in an increase in productivity, reducing the cost of repair and maintenance of the hydraulic system, and increasing its service life. Keywords: fluid drive, hydraulic cylinder, trailbuilders, operation, warming, thermal preparation.


fluid drive, hydraulic cylinder, trailbuilders, operation, warming, thermal preparation.