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Developing A Modern Thermal Strengthening Technique For Regulated Fishplate Cooling


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Y. G. Yaroshenko, Y. I. Lipunov, M. V. Startseva, K. Y. Eysmondt, E. V. Nekrasova & G. G. Trayanov


A modern ecologically friendly technique for fishplate (joint bar) thermal strengthening by regulated water cooling is proposed. The proposed technique can successfully replace the conventional one – oil quenching – due to making the cooling process more controlled by obtaining a uniform temperature distribution over fishplate elements with a different mass such as heads and the wet. The oil quenching process is an out of control fire hazardous one and requires controlling the permanent cooling capability, fishplate flushing after the operation. It is necessary to utilize the oil and to have a special ventilation system. As a mineral oil substitute, the usage of polymer media has been investigated. Within the time, the polymer solution needs to be recycled; the high cost of polymer concentrates also plays an important role. Quenching by water spraying is the most ecological and controlled type of thermal strengthening. The technique was validated by a test bench experiment and implemented in the metallurgical industry. The mechanical properties have been obtained to meet the GOST 4133-73 technical requirements. Moreover, the analysis made showed that when the controlled cooling device is fitted into the line existing due to exclusion of the hardening tank and washing machine from the processing flow it is possible to save energy, exclude the expenditures for acquisition, the preparation of oil and washing mixtures as well as for regeneration of the oils used and washing solutions. Keywords: joint bar (fishplate), accelerated water cooling, thermohardening of rolling metal, sprayer systems.


joint bar (fishplate), accelerated water cooling, thermohardening of rolling metal, sprayer systems.