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The Perception Of Gastronomic Events Within The Framework Of Sustainable Tourism Development


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N. Pavia, J. Gržinić & T. Floričić


Recognising modern tourist demands, tourist destinations perceive comparative advantages and potential available resources, placing them in the tourist market through selective tourist products and events. \“How are gastronomic events perceived within the framework of sustainable tourist development?” is the research problem area, which leads to the definition of the paper’s purpose and goal. It relates to the assessment of perception of the importance of organisation of gastronomic events within the framework of sustainable tourist destination development by the local producers of original tourist products and the local population. The research includes an assessment of how many gastronomic events intensify gastronomic tourism and how they valorise the pre and post tourist season, which the Strategy of Development of Croatian and Istrian Tourism recognises as the terms which must be touristically intensified, strategically enriching the tourist offer. In the paper, the social component of sustainability is also perceived through the attitudes of gastronomic event visitors. The research, which affirmed new scientific knowledge, was conducted by means of survey and interview methodology. For data processing, quantitative methods of analysis, synthesis, comparison, meta-analysis and other scientific and research methods were used. The generated knowledge confirms the purpose of the paper, which is channelled towards the determination of the importance of promotion of original products at gastronomic events, in accordance with the principles of sustainability. The research was conducted at the event Days of Fresh Olive Oil in Vodnjan, which was organised as a sustainable gastronomic tourist event.


tourist event, social sustainability, gastronomic tourism, destination offer.