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Gasification Of SRF In A GazEla Fixed Bed Reactor


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A. Sobolewski, T. Iluk, M. Szul


This paper presents the results of solid recovered fuel (SRF) gasification research in a GazEla fixed bed reactor on pilot installation with 60 kWth output. Proprietary construction of the gasifier has an innovative character and was developed by the Institute for Chemical Processing of Coal, IChPW (Poland). This paper aims to present the results acquired during preliminary gasification tests of biomass and SRF mixtures. The innovative character of this reactor construction has been presented and set in comparison with other reactor designs used by authors conducting similar research around the world. Detailed process analysis and characterization of observed peculiarities of SRF as an admixture for gasification fuel are done, with attention put towards setting base line limits and conditions for providing stable gasification process parameters. The presented tests are compared with standard process parameters developed for the gasification of biomass (wood chips) in the reactor, as it is the main fuel this reactor has been developed for. The main goal of this research programme is the development of small and medium scale gasification installation for distributed energy systems generating heat and power in combined units (CHP) based on a piston engine. As such, the acquired results are set in comparison with other author’s work, mainly in the field of fixed bed SRF gasification for generation of heat and power in piston engine, with determination of influence introduced by different process scales. The next step in this research will be the development of appropriate process parameters to conduct tests of solely SRF gasification in a pilot installation (60 kWth) and further preparation for tests at demonstrative scale installation (1.5 MWth).


fixed bed, SRF, gasification