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The Possibilities Of The Application Of Ion-plasma Technologies To Improve The Wear Resistance Of The Functional Surfaces Of Power Equipment Elements


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G. V. Kachalin, A. F. Mednikov, A. F. Mednikov, A. B. Tkhabisimov


The reliability and efficiency of power equipment is largely depend on the degree of wear in its most loaded elements, which during operation undergo the cumulative effects of various factors. The mutual manifestation of several kinds of wear leads to the intensification of the destruction processes that will reduce efficiency, and sometimes lead to the complete failure of power equipment. Nowadays, in the field of power engineering, different ways to improve wear resistance are used, but the problem remains unsolved. There is a necessity to develop new methods of universal protection based on modern technologies, which can effectively resist the combination of different kinds of wear. Modern ion-plasma technologies can be applied as the solution to this problem, which have broad application possibilities in surface layer modifications and the formation of multi-functional coatings. To solve such problems, the National Research University “Moscow Power Engineering Institute” (NRU “MPEI”) created a unique experimental and industrial complex, which includes specialized ion-plasma equipment for coatings production, including large, cumbersome products (up to 3000 mm in length and up to 5000 kg in weight), experimental facilities for extensive materials and coatings testing, complex with the modern analytical equipment and appliances for studying the structure and properties of coatings. Laboratory results and field tests of ion-plasma coatings developed in NRU “MPEI” have shown that their use leads to a manifold increase in erosion,abrasion, corrosion resistance, fatigue strength, heat resistance, and the significant reduction of the friction coefficient.


power engineering equipment, droplet erosion, abrasive wear, corrosion, wear resistance, ion-plasma technologies, protective coatings