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Environmental Issues Caused By The Increasing Number Of Vehicles In Iraq


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H. M. Jassim, F. H. Ibraheem, B. F. A. Zangana


Iraq has witnessed a big challenge in the environmental issues due to the big increase in the production of various types of pollutants.

We will try in this research to shed light on the pollutants produced by the increasing number of registered and used vehicles in Iraq.

We have depended on extensive statistics published by the Ministry of Planning on the increasing numbers of registered and used vehicles (both gasoline and diesel types) classified according to each governorate in Iraq between 2007 and 2013. Studies of the environmental effects of such increase have been made, whereby statistics of the polluting gases (CO, CO2, NOx, and HC) and mass particulates were prepared, analysed and represented graphically in a comparable manner.

The results of this research revealed the following results: An increase in the number of vehicles by 437% from 2007 to 2013. This was accompanied by an increase in the amount of daily pollutants (NOx, CO, HC and particulate mass) excluding CO2 from 441 tons/day in 2007 to 1913 tons/day in 2013 and an increase of CO2 from 6068 tons/day in 2007 to 27382 tons/day in 2013.


air pollution, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, contaminant, environmental issues, hazardous, mass particulate, nitrogen oxides, pollutant