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Planning Low Volume Forest Road-net For Sustainable Development In A Coastline Area In Chalkidiki


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A. Stergiadou, S. Theodoridou, G. Zachou, A. Karagiannidis


Mountains have been an important part of environmental sciences. Understanding and effectively addressing the complex challenges; faced by mountain population in an era of global change requires carefully designed and implemented research involving scientists from a range of disciplines. To address the mountain problems associated with inaccessibility, fragility, and marginality; we can suggest a number of measures such as: improvement of road net; sustainability of natural resources and regulation of their usage. Furthermore, we can adopt consumption activities in order to fulfil the environmental and decentralized needs of the residents in order to develop ecotourism to a semi mountainous area. The aim of this paper is: a) to record the current situation of Cassandra’s road net in a semi mountainous area, b) to propose places that can be further developed and; c) to develop an estimating method of parametric system based on environmental impact assessment. The results of our research are based on; how until now this area has been managed and how we are going to reform it by our proposals; by the usage of road net and the rural development. We used a route; which passes through several forest stands and is preferred compared to the provincial highway which is used as a connecting axis between the cities of Cassandra and Fourka. Another ultimate aim is to propose structures that could improve these sections of forest land to upgrade the area; to increase the percentage of forest road crossing and the multiple-use by hikers and visitors. As a goal is the visit ability of this semimountainous area by pupils with low incomes or by more affluent groups. Finishing this task, we believe it contributed even slightly to the sustainable development of the area of Cassandra; while such projects should be provided and assistance is granted by the Prefecture and local governments to expand the horizons of development of non-urbanized areas.


planning, low volume forest road-net, sustainable development, semi mountainous area, environmental impact, Cassandra, Greece