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Towards Sustainable Waterfront Transformation: Through The Mediterranean To Montenegro


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S. R. Jelovac


The milestone of the research study is focusing on the definition of a model for the sustainable transformation of the waterfront in Montenegro in order to integrate and contextualize the Montenegrin coast within the Mediterranean Basin and to refund and detect local identity. Marine, port and fluvial cities can be considered as laboratories for the process of urban renewal in terms of residential areas, transport, public spaces and the quality of the environment. The aim of the research will focus on their formation, transformation and opportunities to regenerate in a sustainable key, from scenarios of transformation and development strategies, to action and design guidelines as a possible model of urban development and environmental transformation. After studying the international scene in this topic, the research will focus on three case studies of actual urban waterfront development in Montenegro, which are currently in the process of transformation. The selection of case studies will be identified at international level, according to the main ‘ingredients’ for a sustainable cohabitation between ports and cities and for a lasting success in waterfront regeneration processes. Now spread out and developed at a global dimension, involving both big cities but also medium and small-scale cities at all latitudes and in all continents, waterfront regeneration is in many cases the starting point for the regeneration of the city itself and of its relocation in the international context.


waterfront, urban regeneration, urban renewal, creative cities, identity, Mediterranean, Montenegro, Brownfield