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Kosutnjak: Landscape As A Learning System


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A. Nikezic & N. Jankovic


Nature can become a resource of contemporary life in the city where leisure asks for new sanctuaries over and over again. Nature does not stop only at the physical, but also affects the process of urban living, through the intersecting and intertwining of architecture and nature, making a new urban landscape. During each architectural intervention in the natural landscape, it is necessary to reconsider the position, scope, program, and its measure in the context of contemporary city life, which will be viewed from the ratio of the materiality of architecture and landscape. This paper reports results and methods of Master students’ research on the relation between nature and architecture, in the particular context of Kosutnjak, park-forest and city resort that covers an area of 330 hectares at an altitude of 250m, in Belgrade. During the first year of Master studies, working two academic years at the same location, two groups of ten to fifteen students have had the task of examining the positioning of architectural intervention in the context of Kosutnjak. During the semester, they dealt with the physical and program review of the relationship of the inherited structures and landscapes through finding new positions for architecture in relation to city-nature, resulting in a change of identity of the urban landscape. Students were expected to find new possibilities and limitations of networking nature and the architecture, through a new offer of small and hidden architectural intervention that changes nature, does not disturb its rhythm and includes all of its attributes as positive stimulants, thus creating the architecture that emphasizes and promotes nature. Keywords: architecture, nature, urban landscape, students’ work.


architecture, nature, urban landscape, students’ work.