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The Essence Of Noise In Nature With Reference To Acoustics


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G. Rosenhouse


The essence of noise in nature with reference to acoustics G. Rosenhouse Faculty of Civil Engineering - Technion, Haifa, Israel Abstract Noise appears in all areas of science and technology, and involves everything in life. The paper shows that noise represents life itself, because it is not deterministic, and because it involves uncertainty. It can be described by mathematical formulation that illustrates various topics in an abstract way which leads to general conclusions. The paper reviews noise that exists in nature and in technology, such as molecular Brownian motion, stochastic resonance, stock market fluctuations including similarity, stochastic fractals, "random walk theories, movement ecology, and others. A list of some applications of positive noise" concludes the paper. Keywords: noise, nature, uncertainty, random processes, noise colours, noise applications. So far as the laws of mathematics refer to reality, they are not certain and as far as they are certain, they do not refer to reality Albert Einstein 1 Introduction: positive and negative kinds of noise Living creatures are exposed to ever increasing levels of intruding noise, due to technological advances. Negative sounds include environmental noise due to short distances between homes and main roads, industrial premises and areas, noises radiating from recreation areas or noisy neighbours and noise generated in electronic units and components of electrical circuits. Engineering solutions aim at reducing negative noise sources below threshold of annoyance or damage. However, noise has a much wider definition than intruding stochastic or tonal sound signals. Noise is a basic entity in the essence of life. It exists everywhere


noise, nature, uncertainty, random processes, noise colours, noise applications.