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Flood Disaster Risk In Jakarta, Indonesia


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A. Neolaka


This research aims at investigating the level of environmental awareness knowledge on the part of Jakarta community members in anticipating the huge flood that occurs annually in Jakarta city and its neighbouring areas. Survey and field observation have been employed in this research that focuses on the eastern part of Jakarta. A total number of 160 respondents from 40 families have been involved in the study. They consist of parents and their >16-year-old sons and daughters who were asked to complete a questionnaire for this research. Findings show (1) a knowledge sub-indicator level of 21.88% for environmental awareness and 43.12% for flood risks; whereas, (2) sub-indicator related to attitude towards environment of the community members living in flood-prone area is 47.25%. This later figure is an average of several indicators. When each of these indicators is observed, we can see a very low indicator of environmental related behaviour; i.e. people who are not disappointed with the existence of illegal buildings along the river flow reach 28.75%. By careful observation of the indicators, we can identify one indicator that signifies very poor environmental behaviour; i.e. the community are not disappointed to see the rows of illegal constructions along the river banks. Interviews with the community, represented by parents, reveal that they understand about the risks of yearly floods, know that they must dispose waste/trash in proper place, and comprehend that they should keep the drainage system in front of their houses free of trash/garbage. However, their knowledge is not reflected in their daily living practices. The Jakarta Community does not have sufficient environmental awareness that their effort to control/manage the risk of floods is very poor. It gets worse by their negative attitude about moving out from the flood-prone areas (43.7%). Findings of this research are supported by what actually happens in Jakarta as flood occurs every time it rains. In conclusion, public environmental awareness in Jakarta, focused on anticipating the occurrence of floods, is quite poor. This has been the


flood risk, behavioural, environmental awareness, community of Jakarta