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ArcFIRE™/ArcFUEL™: Forest Fire Management Geoplatform And Fuel Maps


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M. Bonazountas, D. Kallidromitou & A. Astyakopoulos


ArcFIRE™ is a state-of-the-technology Integrated Wildland and Forest Fire Management Geoplatform under constant technology evolution since 1990, progressed at high-tech institutions of international competence, but also withdrawing on US Forest Service modelling technologies. The Geoplatform captures the vital dynamics demanded by Planers and Decision Makers engaged in the Forest Fire Life Cycle. ArcFIRE™ has been used in numerous operational tactics in France, Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal and other countries. It is worth noting that practically all forest fire management activities require a good assessment of vegetation cover in the management area in the form of a fuel map. It is widely recognized that the availability of updated and accurate fuel cover maps is one of the limitations for fire prevention plans, fire spread simulation and for recovery plans. ArcFUEL™ is a LIFE+ Project that involves six European Partners with the objective of producing updated fuel maps to be used in forest fire management operations and geoplatforms as ArcFIRE™. This paper outlines the: (i) usage of ArcFIRE™ as an Integrated Wildland and Forest Fire Management Geoplatform for the four phases of the Forest Fire Management Cycle: Awareness (Preparedness/Prevention), Emergency, Impacts and Dissemination, (ii) technology used for its development, (iii) architecture implemented, (iv) methodology of production fuel cover maps based on satellite data and field validation to fulfil the needs of local, regional or national users. Modelling, Monitoring and Management of


wildland, forest fire management, geoplatform, fuel maps, fuel types, LIFE, ArcFIRE, ArcFUEL, ESRI ArcGIS