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A Pre-investment Model For A Sustainable Development


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S. Flores Morales


Through the course of this age, much has been talked about ecological and demographic sustainable indicators, but not enough about the economic sustainable fact that must exist when we have a locality that needs to emerge from an ecological deterioration exposure, caused by the arrival of man to the lands who started cultivating, gradually transforming them into urban land use, so the concentration of population and changes in the economic relations turned into sustainable developments. The analysis of the land’s geomorphology and its scale economy are of equal importance, so to identify in an Evolution Affinity Matrix (EAM) the factors that construct the evolution of a population center (urban area) which are the social and cultural sides, the technological, economic aspects and the politic relations in the territorial context is fundamental. The pillar of the EAM is the design of an information system for preinvestment; essential for the identification of the scale economies in the geographical space that have a degree of constant uncertainty, as happens in under-developed countries, which are economically poor, but rich in human and natural resources. The development of this methodology is to create an information system that fits the model and helps to propose alternative economies for an initial investment policy. Keywords: sustainability economical, regional, GIS, strategic urban planning.


sustainability economical, regional, GIS, strategic urban planning