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Gap Analysis Of Current Research In The Area Of IT For Energy In Buildings


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K. U. Gokce, A. Hryshchenko & K. Menzel


This paper analyses the status of current research in the area of Information and Communication Technologies for the improvement of energy efficiency design and operation of buildings. Currently, research and technology developers focus on different domains and sub-domains in the area of energy efficiency, such as the integration of renewable energy sources and related monitoring, simulation, and management software. In order to enhance harmonisation between different research and technology developments including international and European research projects and scientific programs these activities need to be categorised and analysed. As a result challenges, commonalities, deficits, and potentials for collaboration are identified contributing to the development of a \“Scientific Road Map”. This paper proposes a systematic categorization approach to identify gaps in the current research agenda in the area of IT for Energy in Buildings. More than 200 research projects related to this area have been analysed. Our gap analysis is based on a qualitative categorization specifying common classification criteria. The proposed method allows the identification of deficits of the related research activities within the specified categories. Finally, areas which require substantial improvements are identified. Keywords: information and communication technologies, energy efficiency, research and developments, categorization.


information and communication technologies, energy efficiency, research and developments, categorization