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Existing Power Generation And Network Facilities Improvement Against Seismic Damage


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K. Fallahi


The optimum utilization of the electricity generated by hydraulic and thermal power plants located in remote and distant areas, which are consequently far from consumption ports, necessitates the establishment of transmission lines and substations. Due to the relative vastness of these regions and special conditions attributed to the ground, the outbreak of various natural disasters, such as earthquakes is highly probable. If an earthquake happens in such areas, the mere interruption in electricity transmission resulting from the partial damage to power utilities is far more destructive than the damage to the power plant itself. In other words, the expenses imposed upon authorities due to the black-outs or brown-outs and the unavailability of infrastructure are considerably higher than the rehabilitation of power plant facilities. Therefore, the execution of power plants in such areas requires a thorough ongoing observation of the behavior and responses of current seismic forces. Studying the destructive effects of a recent earthquake on the power system (generation, substation, and transmission) in Iran (Bam City, 2004), Philippines and other countries researchers proved the significance of the detailed seismic studies prior to the construction of power system facilities in hazardous areas. Consequently, for improving the standard utilization of energy, optimizing the current situation, and increasing the safety level for availability of electrical equipment in future projects, it is necessary to deem some procedures to prevent or at least alleviate the destructive effects of earthquakes. This research concentrates on the study of seismic retrofit methods, and seismic upgrading design for power network facilities based on the foreseen seismic risk assessment of electrical power generation system. Keywords: power generation, seismic, damage, Life line, retrofit, vulnerability.


power generation, seismic, damage, Life line, retrofit, vulnerability.