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Advanced Computer-multi-media Technology And Direct Mental Health Delivery


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D. Segal & D. A. Gordon


Computer multi media rapid developing technology provides new possibilities for mental health delivery in the form of direct psycho-educational intervention and prevention with clients, as well as training professionals. It is now possible to integrate computer multi media technology and clinical interventions, and develop intervention and training programs that are efficient and involve relatively minimal or no face-to-face contact with therapists. Such interventions, unlike traditional psychotherapeutic methods, could be at low cost and quickly disseminated to clinics and social agencies. Accumulating supportive research is showing moderate to large effect sizes in using an interactive computer multi media program for addressing clinical problems. The article addresses advantages of implementing psycho-educational intervention via advanced technology in clinical practice by following the case study of the Parenting Wisely (PW) intervention program. Keywords: multimedia, intervention, mental health, parenting, psychoeducational, parenting, technology. 1 Introduction Mental health delivery structures have been significantly changing over the past few years. These changes could be attributed to; 1) theoretical paradigm shifts, 2) rising cost of mental health treatment that generates pressure to design and conduct cost-effective interventions [1], and 3) rapid technological development as more mental health professionals are getting familiar and comfortable with the opportunities embedded in the utilization of advanced technology.


multimedia, intervention, mental health, parenting, psychoeducational, parenting, technology.