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The analysis of selected resource management tools used in the Czech Republic


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Volume 10 (2015), Issue 5



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666 - 684

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This submitted paper deals with the selected tools that are a part of resource management in the context of sustainable development. These instruments mainly cover corporate social responsibility, enterprise resource planning systems and strategic management with selected management models. Enterprise resource planning systems are the information base and support tools that a company’s management uses for making decisions. The aim of these tools is to support a decrease in the consumption of raw materials, energy and other limited resources, which in turn increases the company’s performance. This is mainly due to lower costs and increased corporate profitability. On the other hand, all these activities help to reduce the unfavorable ecologic impacts of business activities.

This paper discusses the various ways to increase business performance through selected strategic management models through improving a company’s competitiveness. The last part of the article is aimed at looking at the results of a survey that was conducted in the Czech Republic at the beginning of 2013. The research was focused on companies located in this country and it answered questions that surrounded on how these companies improved and increased their business performance in the market from the sustainable development point of view.


corporate social responsibility, enterprise, enterprise resource planning systems, information systems management by objectives, models of strategic management, resource management, strategic management, sustainable development, survey, total quality management.