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A concept of transition to the best available technology as a basis for sustainable development of power industry


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Volume 10 (2015), Issue 5



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635 - 649




The high level of the negative impact on the environment in the Russian Federation remains steady for many years. Significant and specific contribution to the current level of pollution is made by the companies of the energy sector, which is among the top three in terms of the negative impact on the environment. The planned transition to technological regulation system is based on the use of the best available technology (BAT). The concept formation of the transition to BAT is a challenge for the industry. The basis of the concept is the unified approach development, harmonized with the European approaches, Russian practice and methodological guidelines for BAT identification, which will facilitate informational and technical implementation of BAT in the economy entities of the energy sector. To solve this problem, the authors developed a model for BAT implementation, using a step-by-step logical approach to decision-making. This approach is based on a comparison of the environmental protection measures effectiveness with costs that the economic entity should bear to avoid or minimize man-made impact in normal conditions of management, that is, before BAT introduction. The economic expediency evaluation of the technology in a particular industry is an integral part of BAT implementation concept.


algorithm, best available technologies, concept, ecological effectiveness, economic effectiveness, power industry.