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Pumped-hydro storage systems and flood risk mitigation: A proposed nexus


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Volume 3 (2020), Issue 4



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352 - 362

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Oluseye A. Adebimpe, David Proverbs & Victor O. Oladokun


Pumped-Hydro Storage (P-HS) technology has received some significant attention in energy storage. However, its application towards flood risk mitigation is a new dimension, which merits consideration given some of the technical characteristics and the system’s components. This study draws on a synthesis of the existing body of knowledge to postulate the potential nexus between P-HS operation and flood risk mitigation. This study represents the first attempt to explore the potential application of P-HS towards mitigating flood risk and also considers some of the other multiple benefits. The study raises a number of questions and considerations including, for example, what is the link between energy storage and flood risk mitigation?; what are the key areas that require consideration for the application of P-HS in flood risk mitigation?; how can the development of P-HS benefit flood risk mitigation? and how can this be achieved in a way that draws the interests of stakeholders and investors? A conceptual framework that seeks to establish these links alongside key areas that require consideration in line with the proposed application of P-HS in flood risk mitigation is presented. Thereafter, a discussion of the multiple benefits that P-HS could provide is presented, including improved environmental resilience as well as wider economic benefits.


Flood Risk Mitigation, Energy Storage, Flood, Pumped-Hydro Storage.