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Surface Treatment V

Computer Methods and Experimental Measurements

Edited By: C.A. Brebbia, Wessex Institute of Technology, United Kingdom


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Computational and Experimental Methods

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WIT Transactions on Engineering Sciences

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The use of surface treatments can not only reduce the cost of expensive components employed in critical applications but also extend the useful lifetime of existing structural elements or increase the load carrying capacity for the same life. In recent years, they have therefore received considerable attention from the engineering and scientific community.

This book contains edited versions of most of the papers presented at the Fifth International Conference on Computer Methods and Experimental Measurements for Surface Treatment Effects. The aim of these meetings is to encourage international co-operation amongst scientists, technologists and engineers and to assist in a better understanding of areas such as fatigue, fracture and wear resistance.

Throughout the volume particular emphasis is given to the application of advanced theories and experimental techniques. The contributions come from internationally acknowledged researchers working in this multidisciplinary field and are divided under the following headings: Changing Material Properties; Corrosion; Damage, Fatigue and Fracture Mechanics; Laser Surface Treatment; Residual Stress Effect; Shot Peening; Surface Coating; and Thermal Processes.

Surface Treatment VI
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