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Modelling of Transport Phenomena in Crystal Growth

Modelling of Transport Phenomena in Crystal Growth

Edited By: J. Szmyd, University of Mining and Metallurgy, Poland; K. Suzuki, Kyoto University, Japan


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Developments in Heat Transfer

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The process of growing crystals from the melt is now a crucial technology for the electronics, opto-electronics and microelectronics industries. Crystal quality is significantly influenced by the melt flow and related heat and mass transfer, and it is, therefore, important to understand the elementary processes which play a significant role during their growth.

This book demonstrates how advanced mathematical, physical and numerical modelling can be used to analyse these processes. Representing the collective work of experts from six countries, it includes recent major developments in both fundamentals and applications, and provides valuable information for both researchers and students working in this area.

Contents: Introduction to Crystal Growth Processes from the Melt; Back-Diffusion Phenomenon during the Crystal Growth by the Bridgman Method; Numerical Stimulation of Crystal Growth by the Vertical Bridgman Method; Numerical Modelling of Crystal Growth of Binary Compound Semiconductors; Crystal Growth by Travelling Heater Method in Microgravity; Convective Instability in Czochralski Crystal Growth System; Effect of Magnetic Field in Czochralski Silicon Crystal Growth; Modelling of Czochralski Crystal Growth in Turbulent Flow Regime; Transport Phenomena during Growth of Superconducting Materials by Czochralski Method; Modelling of High Pressure Liquid-Encapsulated Czochralski Crystal Growth Processes.

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