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Water Hammer Simulations

Authors: S. Mambretti, Politecnico di Milano, Italy


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Water Hammer Simulations is a comprehensive guide to modelling transients in closed pipes. The models presented range from those used for the first studies into the field to the most advanced available today.

All of the models are described in detail, starting from the simplest to the most complex. Most of the presented models have been implemented in computer codes, which are provided with the book as both executable files and the sources. The use of these programs is explained in the book where they are applied in a number of examples; the results are critically commented, to allow the reader to be able to build an appropriate model for their own use. Suggestions on the most appropriate model to be built and used are provided throughout the book.

Laboratory tests and real case applications are also presented and discussed, together with the still unresolved problems in the field.  The focus of researchers efforts will be on these issues in the coming years.

The book is suitable for professionals working in the field as well as scholars and undergraduate students.

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