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Sustainable Chemistry

Edited By: G. RENIERS, University of Antwerp, BELGIUM and C.A Brebbia, Wessex Institute of Technology, UK


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As the demands of society increase in their quest for safer, better and more convenient products, the chemical industry is faced on the one hand with the possible depletion of natural resources and on the other with a large share of responsibility for the damage that may be caused to the environment and the population by their products.

The main area of chemical activity consists of the conversion of various base metals into substances and materials with new chemical and physical properties. A substantial amount of research is being carried out regarding this conversion process, which now must incorporate sustainability requirements. In addition, other associated activities, such as the chemical supply chain, performance measurements and different types of management tasks, must meet sustainability standards.

Achieving sustainable chemistry based on clean processing routes, efficient use of resources, renewable materials, adequate management systems and other activities is not only essential for the future of a competitive chemical industry but also for a sustainable and healthy society and environment. Key to sustainable chemistry are innovative and cleaner technologies and the development of appropriate business models, performance measurements, and better integrated management.

This book contains papers on the latest academic and industrial research in the field presented at the first international conference convened on sustainable chemistry.

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