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Sustainable Energy

Sustainable Energy

Resources, Technology and Planning

Authors: I.G. MALKINA-PYKH and Y.A. PYKH, Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia


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The Sustainable World

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Almost every individual, organisational, and societal activity is linked to, and dependent on, the use of one or more forms of energy. The development of a nation and the quality of life of its population is closely related to the amount and types of energy consumption. In the face of an increasing world population, improving the standard of living in developing countries, and maintaining the levels that have been reached in advanced industrialised countries, will require a considerable increase in the world’s use of energy. The challenge is to make this use compatible with sustainability.

Providing a broad introduction, this book discusses some of the fundamental considerations associated with energy sustainability. The text is written for advanced undergraduates and first-year postgraduates in energy resources, technology and planning and related areas. It should also appeal to the many professionals in industries concerned with energy technology, management and energy systems sustainability. These include specialists in energy project management, energy information systems, systems analysis and simulation of energy systems.

Contents: History and Introduction; Systems Analysis of Energy Systems; Energy Resources; Energy Technology; Energy Economics; Energy Planning and Policy; Energy and Society; Energy and the Global Environment; Glossary of Energy Terms; Bibliography.


SET: Sustainable Energy / Sustainable Food and Agriculture / Sustainable Water Resources Management

Sustainable Energy Policies and Technology
Solar Thermal and Biomass Energy
Energy Design Strategies for Retrofitting