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Transportation, Land Use and Integration

Applications in Developing Countries

Edited By: I.M. Schoeman, North West University, South Africa


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For many years the integration of the location of land use and activities in spatial systems, as well as the provision of transport in movement of goods, services and people, has been recognized as a challenge amongst various specialists, including: engineers, transportation planners, economists, environmentalists, urban and regional planners and developers.

The purpose of this book is to address transportation modelling in terms of technology, techniques and methodology application in context to the interface between transportation systems, land use planning, and environmental challenges and application.

The methodology of transportation modelling is applied to international practices and application based on specific case studies, inclusive of public transportation projects; transportation modelling techniques in practice; international research agenda; network design and channel strategies; strategic planning; application of technology in traffic surveys and interpretation; emissions from transportation systems; application of mathematical models and the interface between environment, land use and development in terms of location in space and the resulting activities.

Of value to both theorists and practitioners, this book references the integration of transportation modelling techniques within an interdisciplinary environment inside all spatial systems.

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