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Boundary Elements and Other Mesh Reduction Methods XXXVIII

Edited By: A.H-D. Cheng, University of Mississippi, USA and C.A. Brebbia, Wessex Institute of Technology, UK


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Containing the latest in a long line of conferences covering the most recent advances in Boundary Elements and Mesh Reduction Methods (BEM/MRM), this book  contains an important chapter in the history of this important method used in science and engineering.

The BEM/MRM conference has long been recognised as THE international forum on the technique. The proceedings of the conference therefore constitute a record of the development of the method, running from the initial successful development of boundary integral techniques into the BEM, a method that eliminates the need for an internal mesh, to the recent and most sophisticated Mesh Reduction and even Meshless Methods.  Since the boundary elements, mesh reduction, and meshless methods are used in many engineering and scientific fields, the book will be of great interest to all engineers and scientists working within the areas of numerical analysis, boundary elements and meshless methods.

Topics covered include: Advanced Meshless and Mesh Reduction Methods; Computational Methods; Solid Mechanics; Plate Bending; Fluid Flow Modelling; Electrical Engineering and Electromagnetics.

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