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A Calculation Code For The Air Pollution Valuation Produced By Duty Vehicles Moving In An Urban Area


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A. Nordio, E. Gattorna & A. Baudà


Scientific research that started three years ago and was first developed in a Ph.D., has resulted in important results in producing a calculation code in \“Excel” that values the main pollutant emissions (CO, NOx, VOC and PM) produced by duty vehicles moving in an urban area. Emissions were obtained by studying data about the main geometrical and flow features of the transport network in the area covered. Two mathematical models were integrated in the developed code, a flow and an emission model respectively. The flow simulation model determines, after a calibration according to the particular urban area in examination, the average vehicular speed on a single homogenous branch of a road network. So, when the average speed is fixed, it is possible to calculate the polluting emissions through the definition of an opportune emission model integrated in the code. The emission model is based on the CORINAIR methodology, implemented in the COPERTIII program (COmputer Programme to calculate Emissions from Road Transport) that, where necessary, has been modified according to experimental results, without distorting its basic philosophy. In conclusion, the calculation code allows for making choices in the transport field considering environmental sustainability aspects in the urban planning analysis, and it represents a good decision support system (DSS). Keywords: air pollution, flow model, emission model, emission factor, urban road traffic, duty vehicle, COPERT program, corinair methodology, decision support system.


air pollution, flow model, emission model, emission factor, urbanroad traffic, duty vehicle, COPERT program, corinair methodology, decisionsupport system.