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Toward Noise Protection Planning In Urban Areas


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V. Dragcevic, S. Lakusic & T. Rukavina


Planning noise protection measures differs in the case of construction of new roads or the reconstruction of the existing ones from the implementation of protection measures in the zones of existing roads where conditions have deteriorated due to increase in traffic load. In the zones of existing roads the possibilities of applying protection measures are very different due to both spatial limitations and very different vehicle structure and traffic flow characteristics. The research shown in this paper is based on three characteristic examples in Zagreb. The possibilities of applying different protection measures and their combinations are considered with the aim to reduce environmental noise. The paper describes two typical locations beside the existing roads, one in the narrower and one in the wider city centre, on which noise level and traffic load were measured. The third location considered in the paper is the important city traffic junction, which was significantly reconstructed. The results of conducted measurements were analyzed and the possibilities of applying noise mitigation measures in urban centres were considered. Keywords: road traffic noise, urban area, noise protection, urban planning. 1 Introduction It is a fact that road traffic noise, despite the technological improvements regarding all influential parameters such as the vehicles, the road surface and traffic regulation, in urban areas has seen no improvement of the conditions concerning a decrease in the noise level. According to the data of the European Commission the peak values in urban areas are, in general, not increased, while the period of the exposure to increased noise levels is prolonged [1]. It is caused by the change in the way of life. The residents not only travel to work and back, but also engage in sports and cultural activities. Due to specific features of a particular area the improvement of the situation, within the urban environment, is


road traffic noise, urban area, noise protection, urban planning.