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G. Nowacki, I. Mitraszewska & T. Kamiński


This paper refers to some problems of Digital Tachograph System data to be downloaded and analyzed. Transport firms must download and store two kinds of data in archives: mass memory data and driver card data. This allows a complete record of activities to be obtained for drivers and vehicles. In addition, the digital data offers many opportunities for evaluation to support improved fleet management. The Motor Transport Institute offers the TachoScan solution. The program of analyzing data from digital tachograph and smart cards can generate a driver’s general report, which shows distance, working hours, waiting hours and rest hours, start and stop work hours per day for each individual driver. Software supports the data export to Excel, which allows the use of this information in various financial and accounting applications. Keywords: digital tachograph, TachoScan PC NET Service. 1 Introduction A tachograph is an instrument which records driving time; period of work other periods of availability, work breaks and daily rest periods, as well as vehicle speed and distance of the journey. Analogue tachographs, used for 30 years in the European Union countries, have become technically obsolete devices. They do not guarantee effective control of obeying the regimes of driving and resting time by drivers, therefore they are not conducive to actions aiming at improvement of traffic safety. Due to tiredness of drivers, the number of road accidents, people killed and injured the European Commission resolved to implement a high-tech device – a digital tachograph. A digital tachograph


digital tachograph, TachoScan PC NET Service.