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3GR Technique To Enhance Run Of The Road Analysis


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M. Abdalla


Both run of the road and head-on crashes are 1.5 to 4 times more likely to occur on curves than on tangents. On the other hand, Canada has over one million kilometres of roads, compared with the UK's 372,000 km and Sweden's 138,000 km. This means that drivers face much longer travel distances and a wider variety of road conditions. This encourages us and all specialists that work in road safety to use all possible data and to implement new techniques to save more lives and reduce the number of collisions and their economic impact. In this paper, the 3GR technique has been implemented to enhance run of the road (ROR) analysis. The 3GR technique depends on the integration of a geospatial Information system (GIS), a global position system (GPS), a Global System for Mobile communication GSM and Remote Sensing for road safety. This new technique will enhance the two main parts of road safety studies. First, in Network Screening, the new technique will help the road safety analysts to identify more accurately the sites with higher-than-expected accident frequencies and sites whose accident frequencies are not higher than expected, but which nevertheless experience sufficient numbers of accidents that may potentially be improved in a cost-effective manner. Second, it will help the road analysts in the Diagnosis stage to identify and focus on the real problems at specific sites. As a result of our research, we present the advantages of this technique and discuss the future steps. Keywords: remote sensing, GIS, GPS, GSM, road-safety, run of the road.


remote sensing, GIS, GPS, GSM, road-safety, run of the road.