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Applications Of ARTIST For Advanced Telematics Services


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P. Isola, L. Marasco, A. Piccolo & V. Galdi


Telematics, also known as ICT (Information and Communications Technology), integrates telecommunications and informatics technologies to send, receive and store information via telecommunication devices. The ITS (Intelligent Transport System) is the application of telematics to the transportation area so that it allows the provision of advanced services in the mobility area in order to reinforce the efficiency, safety and effectiveness of the transportation systems. More efforts have been carried out in recent years to support the spreading of ITS and many projects have been financed in the world and, in particular, in Europe. One of the most critical problems which has arisen in these experiences is the lack of interoperability amongst the ITS able to guarantee the definition of new services and the development of the existing ones. To solve this problem, which represents an obstacle to the widespread use of the ITS, the European Commission has promoted the development of a common platform for ITS in Europe. In this scenario the Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport (MIT) have in 2003 pointed out ARTIST, the Italian ITS architecture. ARTIST represents one of the meaningful experiences in progress concerning the definition of a shared ITS architecture, able to promote the development of next generation telematics services. In this paper two ITS projects developed by the authors at the University of Salerno based on ARTIST architecture are shown. Keywords: ITS – Intelligent Transport Systems, telematics, infomobility systems.


ITS – Intelligent Transport Systems, telematics, infomobility systems.