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Vehicle Tracking System Using GPRS


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S. Ikram & F. T. Shah


The demands on Vehicle Tracking Systems are increasing day by day, as increasing car theft becomes one of the most challenging problems faced by our modern society, especially for security agencies, ambulances, police and even personal usage. We propose a client/server solution for transferring the required information which has an automatic updating facility. We have introduced a new Technology named \“General Packet Radio Services (GPRS)” in this application. We are transferring data using GPRS Services to and from the Base Station and the Remote Station. Keywords: GSM, SMS, GPRS, GIS, GPS, digitization, positioning, blocking. 1 Introduction The Vehicle Tracking System allows a user to monitor the positions of multiple vehicles and disable them remotely in case of theft. In this project our first completed task was the Map Digitization (GIS and GPS Solution). GIS and GPS technology were linked with means of wireless communication, essential to the system determining the vehicle location [1]. It is necessary to have a technique to handle the huge amount of spatial data entailed in a digital road map in order to trace the accurate position within a reasonable time. Our main focus was on the practical design (device Integration) and implementation. For the digitization process, we felt that the development of a new software tool was required. Although there is a big market for related software from Geographical Information Systems (GIS), just to gain experience we started on our own. In many fields of research, valuable information is stored in atlases and maps which are only available as printed media. Scientists who are interested in


GSM, SMS, GPRS, GIS, GPS, digitization, positioning, blocking.