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Training In The New Driving And Failures Simulator Of Metro De Madrid (SICAMM)


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J. M. Mera, L. M. Gutiérrez, E. Castellote & G. Corcho


The new Metro de Madrid Driving and Failures Simulator represents the physical realization of the main ideas when it comes to development aimed at driver training. The simulator consists of a scale model of a car with real equipment integrated into the simulation. All the equipment and/or controls comprising the simulated series (7000 and 8000) are reproduced to allow training in an immersive environment with a four channel visual system. Also, a set of virtual simulators is integrated into the full scale simulator and they are able to interact with the cab to do manoeuvres exercises, or to do independent training exercises. In this way a two step virtual training tool is available, wholly integrated into a single Training Centre and controlled by one Instructor. Among the capacities with which the set of simulators is endowed, not only is the reproduction of the whole train emphasized but also the capacity to do training exercises with train failures (approximately 500 different ones) or incidents (approximately 50 different types). The developed model allows the status of the different electrical and pneumatic circuits making up the trains to be displayed. This allows the students to know the internal operation of the train and to understand the behaviour of the vehicles in the different failures that can be displayed. Also, joint exercises between training positions are allowed to practice coupling and de-coupling between train units. The infrastructure reproduced comprises four of the most modern lines of Metro de Madrid (8, 9, 10 and 12), including the different field elements (signals, switches, interlocking …). The simulated Control Centre position allows drivers and signalmen to be trained together. The user interface has been designed with a user interface similar to that existing in the Control Centre. This feature increases training possibilities for personnel. The control level on the simulator enables a centralized database for the exercises done by each student to be kept, and training plans to be prepared, as well as to display and manage the completion of these training plans. All these elements together reach a new level in driver and operator training for metros. Keywords: driver training, system simulation, high immersive training.


driver training, system simulation, high immersive training.