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Effects Of Transportation On Urban Development: Sivrihisar, Turkey


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E. Aksoy & N. T. Gültekin


The junction, station and halting points of transportation connections are established with the development of settlements. This interaction between transportation and settlements has been a determining factor in social and economic development along with physical growth in the urban scale. In particular, regional transportation networks and transportation technologies, differentiated in parallel with transportation policies, direct urban development. This fact is relatively indicative of the trading activities within the city and its region. For this reason, the interaction between transportation and a city can basically be explained by \“urban growth”. This hypothesis will be examined in Sivrihisar in order to draw attention to some factors to be evaluated in the scope of provincial planning process. Keywords: transportation, regional and local transit, urban transformation and form, urban development. 1 Introduction In the history of civilisation, new settlements have been formed on transportation networks with the requirements of security, accommodation and exchange of goods. At the other end of the spectrum, existing settlements were improved or settlements were abandoned meaning that a transportation connection lost its economic importance. This mutual interaction between urban development and transportation can be observed with The transportation network, being indicative in urban macro-form and giving support to social and cultural development, and strengthening the economy. The inner and outer dynamics of the city, giving shape to the infrastructure and superstructure of transportation.


transportation, regional and local transit, urban transformation and form, urban development.