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Modelling Of Freight Transport Flows In Urban Transport


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A. Baublys


The topological structure of a regional urban road transport system was synthesised and the optimisation-simulation procedure of topological structure was proposed. The synthesis of the topological structure of regional urban road transport freight systems enables an assessment of the impact of various structural characteristics on the functionality of the system. For this reason the quality of project solutions at the stage of structural system synthesis increases. Models of optimisation and simulation (included in the simulation procedure of the optimisation of the topological structure) cover other possibilities as well. For instance, simulation models enable us to meet various functionality systems objectives, such as, for example, a comparison between the stability of the structure undergoing changes in parameters and the management of various impacts, e.g. loading technologies, etc. Keywords: road transport freight, the simulation procedure of optimizing. 1 Introduction Among other things, the technology of transportation involves the provision of services, i.e. freight haulage. Services embrace major operations (transportation or haulage) and minor procedures (loading, unloading, storage, control, documentation, etc.). The efficiency of technological operations may be defined in terms of the following factors: consumption of energy and materials per ton/km, and quality and intensity of hauls. Moreover, technological operations of haulage should ensure safety of goods and be environmentally friendly.


road transport freight, the simulation procedure of optimizing.