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Distributed Parallel Data Structure Of A Traffic Network Simulation Based On Object-oriented Programming


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Z. Juan, L. Gao, A. Ni & G. Zhang


Traffic simulation design ideas based on object-oriented programming and modelling theory are used to analyse the data structure of a simulation system for a traffic network. A traffic network simulation consists of vehicles, links, intersections and signal controls. By defining the class in C++ language, this paper establishes objects of traffic network units, describes the variables and functions of their members in detail and exactly expresses the relationship between nodes and links in a traffic network. It constructs the shared data of the traffic network simulation based on a standard library function of template and object-classes of the traffic network. It uses SQL database technology to access the parallel data structure. Thus it can reduce the occupation of memory resources and increase the speed of data access. Each simulation unit can access the network data expediently. Finally, by simulating a traffic network made of four intersections in Changchun city, results indicate that the simulation speed increases 2.5 times and the error rate is less than 10%. Hence, a distributed parallel data structure based on object-oriented programming is the foundation for improving speed and for benefiting the traffic network simulation. Keywords: object-oriented programming, traffic network, parallel data structure, parallel simulation. 1 Introduction A traffic network distributed parallel simulation system studies the content of a traffic field. The system keeps several computers of the same or different


object-oriented programming, traffic network, parallel data structure, parallel simulation.