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A Dynamic And Automatic Traffic Light Control System For Solving The Road Congestion Problem


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W. Wen & C. L. Yang


Traffic congestion is a severe problem in many modern cities all over the world. To solve the problem, we have designed a framework for a dynamic and automatic traffic light control system and developed a simulation model coded in Arena to help design the system. The model adopts average arrival time and departure times, which are physically observed at each intersection of Chung San North road, Taipei, Taiwan, to simulate the arrival and leaving number of cars during the run time period. In our experiment, by controlling light duration and speed limit, traffic congestion in a large city can be solved. Keywords: simulation system; traffic light control system; traffic congestion. 1 Introduction Traffic congestion has been causing many critical problems and challenges in most cities of modern countries. To the commuter or traveller, congestion means lost time, missed opportunities, and frustration. To the employer, congestion means lost worker productivity, trade opportunities, delivery delays, and increased costs. To solve congestion problems is feasible not only by physically constructing new facilities and policies but also by building information technology transportation management systems. A growing body of evidence proves that traffic congestion problems cannot be solved simply by expanding the road infrastructure. In fact, building new roads can actually compound congestion, in some cases, by inducing greater demand for vehicle travel –


simulation system; traffic light control system; traffic congestion.