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The Accuracy Of Traffic Microsimulation Modelling


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D. O’Cinneide & D. Connell


Previous work at University College Cork into the use and evaluation of microsimulation models suggested they are generally suitable for the examination of alternative urban traffic management proposals but that there is little independent validation of the accuracy of microsimulation. In particular, there appeared to be difficulties in comparing the modelled and actual queue lengths. This paper describes a study into the evaluation and accuracy of urban traffic microsimulation models. This involved a review of the available information and the construction of four Pyramics microsimulation models for the road network adjacent to University College Cork. Recommendations are made on queue length validation and on improvements to microsimulation modelling. Keywords: microsimulation accuracy, Paramics, evaluation, traffic modelling. 1 Introduction This paper evaluates the accuracy of microsimulation modelling of congested urban networks using the Paramics software package. The University College Cork area road network was modelled as a whole, involving route choice, and also modelled in three separate sections (corridor models) not involving route choice to determine the effects of route choice on model accuracy. The various evaluation criteria used for model validation and the suitability of these criteria for the development of accurate microsimulation models are first described. Recommendations are made on improvements to Paramics and on microsimulation in general and also on the evaluation criteria used for model validation.


microsimulation accuracy, Paramics, evaluation, traffic modelling.