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Evaluation Of The Structural Integrity Of A Sandwich Composite Train Roof Structure


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K. B. Shin, B. J. Ryu, J. Y. Lee & S. J. Lee


We have evaluated the structural integrity of a sandwich composite train roof which can find a lightweight, cost saving solution to large structural components for rail vehicles in design stages. The sandwich composite train roof was 11.45 meters long and 1.76 meters wide. The FE analysis was used to calculate the stresses, deflections and natural frequencies of the sandwich composite train roof against the weight of air-condition system. The 3D sandwich FE model was introduced to consider the hollow aluminum frames jointed to both sides of the sandwich train roof. The results shown that the structural performances of a sandwich composite train roof under the loading conditions specified were proven and the use of aluminum reinforced frame was beneficial with regard to weight saving in comparison to steel reinforced frame. Also, we have manufactured the prototype of sandwich composite train roof on the basis of analysis results. Keywords: aluminum honeycomb structure, train roof structure. 1 Introduction The use of composite materials on land transportation is steadily increasing. Railroad cars, mass transit vehicles and a wide range of ground transportation systems offer expanding opportunities for composite materials. Driving forces for the use of composites in ground transportation applications include low manufacturing investment cost, cost reduction through parts consolidation, weight saving, good mechanical properties, excellent durability and dimensional stability [1].


aluminum honeycomb structure, train roof structure.