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A New Composite Material Based On Natural Fibres And A Thermoset: Technology, Applications And Properties


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G. Wuzella


The aim of this work was the development of a new composite material based on natural fibres as reinforcement and an acrylic thermoset as binder to investigate the material properties for various applications. All applications were made by forming and curing the composite material in a hot forming press. In a first step the technology for formation of such a composite material was tested: Based on the nonwoven-process natural fibre mats were made, only composed of natural fibres without binder and with different area weights. After that, different technologies of application of binder and additives like hydrophobizing agents were tested. In the second step the material properties (flexural and impact strength, water uptake and moisture expansion, testing for climatic extremes and sound-absorbing properties) were investigated for different applications as function of the density of the pressed parts, the mixing ratio of binder and additives. The following properties can be given as very special features of the material: In comparison with composites made of usual thermoset binders the fabricator has not to apply the resin immediately before processing. Secondly the material can be stored easily, because the curing is started beyond 100°C, at lower temperatures the binder is thermoplastic. In comparison with composites made of thermoplastic binders, a lesser fraction of binder is necessary and the pressed parts have a very high flexural stiffness. Finally the critical properties like the water uptake and moisture expansion were improved by the addition of hydrophobizing agents. Keywords: natural fibres, nonwoven, composites, acrylic resin, binding technology.


natural fibres, nonwoven, composites, acrylic resin, binding technology.