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Aging Of Reinforced Mortars And Concretes: Coupled Modeling


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P. Procházka & M. Válek


There are number of structures that either require local reinforcement or even have been locally reinforced during their construction. For example, a number of historic buildings in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, are built up with different local reinforcement, such as goat hair, fibers of different kinds (steel, plastic, glass, etc.). The historic buildings are exposed to current climate conditions and heavy traffic pollution, which are both very damaging to the quality of the original mortars. This is why the necessity of refurbishment of the old building is obvious. The fibers locally reinforce concrete, particularly in exacting conditions, such as shotcrete in tunnel construction, foundation engineering, etc. The aim of this paper is to compare experimental data with results from a numerical model to get information on the mechanical behavior of the locally reinforced material for further theoretical studies. 1 Introduction This paper is concentrated on the material behavior of one of a typical locally reinforced material, which is lime mortar of ancient buildings, reinforced by goatskin. The goal of this paper is to present a possible comparative procedure with the above-mentioned material, although the selected material can be substituted by another one. Cyclic loading applied to a small cylindrical sample from locally reinforced lime mortar simulates the aging. The numerical method starts with generalized plane strain, [1]. The transformation field analysis, [1], was used in [2] and eigenparameters served as design parameters of finding minimal variance between results from numerical and experimental studies. They can be identified with material properties using one-to-one transformation. The original version of the transformation field analysis can be found in [3], which