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Numerical Investigation Of The Behavior Of The Church Of Agia Triada, Drakotrypa, Greece


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G. C. Manos, V. J. Soulis & A. Diagouma


This paper includes the most important findings of a series of linear analyses focusing on the development of failure that is identified through different failure criteria. The historic monument which was selected for this investigation is the church of Agia Triada, in the District of Karditsa, Greece. The numerical simulation for the church of Agia Triada includes all parts of the super-structure and considers the effects of vertical and earthquake loads. The main objective of this paper is to predict the initiation of failure at various structural elements considering a) a Mohr-Coulomb failure criterion with a limit on tension strength and b) modified Von Misses failure criterion. These two failure criteria are applied for the same structure and for the same load combinations. The predicted by the two failure criteria initiation of failure and the corresponding failure areas are compared and discussed. Keywords: historic monuments, numerical investigation, Mohr-Coulomb, modified Von Misses. 1 Introduction Masonry is a material that presents considerable difficulty in assigning values of mechanical properties or adopting failure criteria. Different simulation strategies can be applied depending on the scale needed for the examination of the initiation of failure in the masonry. Micro-modeling of the masonry, where units and mortar joints are simulated separately, together with appropriate failure criteria is a popular approach in successfully predicting failure areas in masonry components. However, it is very computationally demanding to be directly applied in large structures, especially those with considerably complicated


historic monuments, numerical investigation, Mohr-Coulomb, modified Von Misses.