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Strengthening Of Infilled RC Frames By CFRP


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G. Erol, K. Taskın, E. Yuksel & H. F. Karadogan


A series of tests has been performed at I.T.U. Structural and Earthquake Engineering Laboratory, to examine the differences between the structural behaviour of infilled RC frames strengthened by CFRP fabric with different connection details. Five identical ½ scale, one storey-one bay brittle brick infilled reinforced concrete frame specimens have been tested under cyclic lateral loads. The reinforced concrete bare frame and plastered brittle brick infilled RC frame are essentially reference specimens. Three other specimens have been strengthened using CFRP fabric with different connection details. The comparative results including lateral load capacities, failure modes and energy dissipitation are presented in this paper. Keywords: infill wall, strengthening, CFRP, masonry. 1 Introduction Neglecting the effects of non-structural brittle infill walls on dynamic characteristics of structures, such as stiffness and lateral strength, is a common assumption during the design and sometimes during the assesment stages of reinforced concrete structures subjected to lateral load. The field observations made after the recent major earthquakes in Turkey and many researchs performed throughout the world showed that this kind of approach leads to mispredicting the real behaviour of reinforced concrete infilled structures under lateral load. Research should be done to obtain a more relastic mathematical model that takes the infilled frame behavior into account and a strengthening method that includes infill wall properties for having cheaper rehabilitation alternatives. The experiental work that is presented in this paper is a part of four complementary experimental works of research project launched in Structural


infill wall, strengthening, CFRP, masonry.