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Studying The Educational Places In The Earthquake-prone Southern Regions Of The Khorasan Province


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S. A. R. Shojaee


Earthquakes are dangerous and destructive. Since earthquake risk in the southern regions of Khorosan (eastern province of Iran) is very high, and a considerable number of earthquake victims consist of children and youngsters of our society who are most vulnerable to earthquakes, this paper tries to investigate the different aspects of the phenomenon from different point of views such as: 1-Different factors governing the design of places of education; 2-Design approaches and methods on the one hand, and executive and structural point on the other. This paper also tries to analyze the two methods of construction, one benefiting from frames and the other without frames, since in the majority of structures, the joint and the arch bases are the most vulnerable points to earthquakes, employing in a new way the other vernacular building construction methods of this region, this paper also represents the necessary calculations for constructing such types of ceilings, and suggests a new method for construction and erection of such buildings. Keywords: shell structure, tension diagram, dome-shape ceiling, educational place, earthquake. 1 Introduction Since the educational places in south of Khorasan are located in the earthquake- prone regions and have specific architectural texture (dry and hot regions), there are factors governing the design of these places including:


shell structure, tension diagram, dome-shape ceiling, educational place, earthquake.