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Performance Management In Port Authorities


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W. D. Jaffar, G. A. Berry & I. Ridley


Performance measurement and improvement are essential activities that ports use to enhance their competitive position in the global market. This study investigates this topic in container ports. The aim of this study is to explore the sensitivity of the performance enablers in the port performance model of Jaffar and Berry [1]. The performance measure that is used in this model for the container ports is the Twenty Equivalent Unit (TEU), and the port performance predictor variables were: leadership commitment to excellence, modern technology, the efficiency of the terminal, port size, and the port hinterland. This paper investigates the change of the TEU over 5 years (start of 1999–end of 2003) using time series analysis. The sample that was used in this study includes container ports in the Middle East, Far East and Europe. Based on the sample used, the paper suggests that the most sensitive enablers in affecting the performance of container ports are the port capacity and the crane productivity. Keywords: container ports, TEU, performance management. 1 Introduction The major reference books on ports list around 3500 to 4000 ports worldwide Alderton [2]. This study concentrates mainly on container ports and investigates their performance. Container Ports can be defined as places with facilities for shipping lines where equipment are available to handle container flow from vessels to rail or road, and vice versa. The container port consists of the container yard, which is situated between two demands, one associated with the transfer of containers between the container yard and the containership, and the other associated with the transfer of containers between the container yard and the hinterland (road/rail). The subject of container port performance measurement and improvement is an important issue facing port management. This paper investigates the port


container ports, TEU, performance management.